Container Properties


These are the properties that apply to all of the different types of container controls that can be added to a component.

Container Begin Properties

Container Begin Properties are used with many of the container types available inside the [Container] option.

Editor Properties

The editor properties lets you define javascript to be used in manipulating values that are defined inside the editor itself, usually on the controls contained within the editor. This lets you decide whether or not you want a property to be consumed inside an editor.

Editor Set Properties

An editor set is used to contain editor containers.

Frame Begin Properties

A Frame can be placed around multiple controls in the controls tree. This allows the controls to be visually grouped together when the application is run.

Frame Control End Properties

The [Frame] container's end tag has properties that allow you to set a break after the frame.

Free-form HTML

Property settings for the free-form html container.

Genie settings

When the 'Genie style' checkbox in the 'Tab/Accordion Control Properties' section is checked, then a number of 'Genie settings' will appear. These settings structure how the genie will appear when the component is run.

Server-side Enable/Disable Expressions


Tab/Accordian Control Properties

Creating a Tab Control gives you access to the Tab/Accordian Control properties. The Tab Control is located inside the 'Containers' dropdown menu on the UX Controls page. The Tab Control will also need to include a Tab Pane inside of it and the Tab Pane will also need its own control underneath it.

Tab Pane Properties

Property settings for the [Tab Pane] container.

Tab Spacer Properties


Window Properties

The Window Properties section of the control properties menu appears when you place a 'Container' control with a 'Window' sub-type in the UX.

See also the Containers section of the documentation.