Control Properties

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When you add a control to a UX component on the control page, that control comes with a number of general property settings. These will appear in the properties list on the right side of the screen. Some controls, like the list control, come with additional builders. The control properties are different from the general UX properties, that are defined on the UX Properties page.

Data Control Properties

Properties that are specific to data controls. These properties only appear when a data control is highlighted on the UX controls page.

Panel Properties


Container Properties

These are the properties that apply to all of the different types of container controls that can be added to a component.

Other Control Properties

This contains the property lists for all of controls that fit in the "Other Controls" menu of the UX Controls page. For example, it includes the "Form Properties" for the Form View Control as well as those in the Form View Builder itself.

Show/hide - (Server-side)

Show/hide server-side properties include:

Client Side Properties

Properties that use Javascript to evalute expressions, conditional styling, etc.


Lets you define which controls are visible to different groups of users and which controls are hidden.

Javascript - (Touch, Mouse, Pointer Events)

The "Javascript - (Touch, Mouse, Pointer Events)" section contains a number of event hooks for controls in the UX. Your own javascript can be added to these events and will then run whenever the given event fires. These events are designed for use with mobile devices.


The Javascript section contains a number of event hooks. This is where you can define javascript code to be run when an event fires on a given control.

Component Definition

This section appears when an embedded object is added to the UX component. Embedded object's can be added by clicking on the [Embedded] option in the 'Other Controls' section.

Custom Control (Data Bound)

Custom Control (Data Bound) properties

Image Properties

Displays an image.

Local Functions

Define Xbasic and JavaScript functions within a control's definition.

Repeating section

Properties available for configuring Repeating Sections