ControlBar properties


Opens the ControlBar Builder. This is where the data, functionality, layout, and look and feel of the ControlBar is defined.


The Items pane is where you define the ControlBar's items. Items are the 'objects' that you place on the ControlBar layouts. There several different types of ControlBar items. These are: html, button, button-toggle, button-list and button-disclosure. The following properties are used to manipulate items in the ControlBar:


Disclosures are similar to pop-up windows that are displayed when a disclosure-button is clicked. You can either specify some explicit HTML to be shown as the disclosure or you can specify that a ControlBar Layout should be shown. The Disclosure pane in the ControlBar builder is used to define Disclosures that display explicitly defined HTML. When you want to display standard UX controls (such as input controls, Lists, buttons, ViewBoxes, etc.) in a disclosure, you define a new disclosure on the Disclosure pane and then, when defining the HTML for the disclosure, you can add the contents of a InjectibleContent container to the disclosure. The following properties are used with ControlBar disclosures.


The Properties tab contains properties that allow you to set where the controlbar will dock, what layout to use when, and hooks for a number of controlbar related events.

See also the ControlBar guides section of the documentation.