Form Properties


Property settings that govern the Form View control. The 'Form properties'' property opens the Form View Builder. Using Form View controls lets developers avoid adding extensive numbers of controls to a component; while maintaining the same look and functionality as a component with lots of controls. The end result is usually a more efficient component.


Force a column break before, after, or both before and after this control.

Break height

Specify the vertical distance between this control and the next control. Use CSS syntax. e.g. 10px, .5in, 20pt.

Control container class name

Advanced/Optional. All controls are automatically wrapped in a div with a class name of 'A5CWLayout' or 'A5container', unless the control is in a 'NoFloat' container. You can specify a class name to use for the control container in addition to the 'A5CWLayout' or 'A5container' class that is automatically used. This allows you to have more control over the appearance of the control.

Form Id

The ID of the FormView control.

Form properties

Opens the Form View Builder.


Specify the in-line style for the div tag that encloses the placeholder


Specify the control width. Use CSS syntax for the width, e.g. 100px, 100%, etc.

Visit the Form View Control page for guides on how to implement a Form View control in a component. See also the List Control guides.