Video Player Properties


Properties for the Video Player control include:

Auto size video player

If enabled, the video player will dynamically adjust both width and height to display the video at the maximum size of the parent container. An aspect ratio of 16:9 will be maintained. On orientation change, the player will be resized to best fit within the panel card.


AutoPlay is disabled in most mobile browsers and this setting is ignored.


Specify a unique ID for the video player.

Loop video

If enabled, the video will loop back to the beginning when completed.

Show controls

If enabled, video controls will be displayed.

Show related videos

If enabled, a grid of related videos will appear when the video completes.

Show video info

If enabled, video info is displayed.

Use CSS for responsive sizing

This option uses CSS to resize the video player. It does not rely on the orientation change event and is very fast and fluid. Since the video player size is driven by CSS and the aspect ratio of 16:9 is maintained, the height of the player may exceed the visible container height on certain mobile devices. The container may be scrolled should this occur.

Use modest branding

If enabled, minimal YouTube branding is requested.


Use https protocol.

Video ID

The video id is typically a short character or numeric string like: xp6qQkeUJSc

Video player type

Select the video player type.

YouTube player theme

The YouTube video player may have a light or dark theme.

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