Other Control Properties


This contains the property lists for all of controls that fit in the "Other Controls" menu of the UX Controls page. For example, it includes the "Form Properties" for the Form View Control as well as those in the Form View Builder itself.

A5W Page Properties
Button Appearance

Properties for defining how the button is rendered.

Button Properties

Settings for configuring a button control.

Comment Properties

The comment properties section sets a comment in the UX controls tree to help you tell what a given aspect of a component does. Comments are not displayed at run-time.

Component Definition

Properties for a component embedded in a UX Component.

Control Label

Settings for configuring the label for a control.

ControlBar Properties

This section contains the 'ControlBar properties' property which opens the ControlBar Builder. This builder allows you to define a ControlBar. The other properties in this section manipulate a defined ControlBar control in relation to the other controls on a UX.

Custom Control Properties

The Custom Control properties allows you to create a custom control using html and javascript.

Embedded Object Properties

Properties relating to embedded objects. Embedded objects can be another type of component.

External URL Properties

Define the external page to embed in the UX Component.

File Upload/Download Properties

The File Upload/Download control is used to add uploading or downloading behavior to a UX Component that uses data binding. The following properties are specific to the File Upload/Download control:

Form Properties

Property settings that govern the Form View control. The 'Form properties'' property opens the Form View Builder. Using Form View controls lets developers avoid adding extensive numbers of controls to a component; while maintaining the same look and functionality as a component with lots of controls. The end result is usually a more efficient component.

HTML Document Properties

Define the HTML page to embed in the UX Component.

Hyperlink Properties

These properties govern the appearance and functionality of individual hyperlink controls. It is also possible to use hyperlink controls from within a List control.

IFrame Properties

Properties used with an [IFrame] control.

In Panel Card Properties

Defines how to display the embedded object when placed inside a Panel.

On-Page Window Properties

The "On-Page Window Properties" section of the control properties appears in the properties list when you embed existing objects inside a UX component. To embed an existing object in a UX component, go to the 'Other Controls' section of the UX Controls page and click on [Embedded Object].

Optimization (PhoneGap-Static HTML)

optimization properties for PhoneGap static html.

PDF Document Properties

Defines the PDF to display when embedded into a UX Component.

Placeholder Properties

Placeholders can be used to insert things into a component in a given location. The placeholder control properties are defined here:

Report Definition Properties

Defines the report and any additional properties (initial view, filter/order, argument bindings, etc) for a Report embedded in a UX Component.

Spacer Properties

Properties that impact the [Spacer] control.

Static Text Properties

The static text control adds text to a component. These are the static text properties:

Video Player Properties

Properties for the Video Player control include:

Window Buttons Properties

If a component/page embedded in a UX Component is shown in a popup window, custom buttons can be added to the window to add additional functionality.

Window Properties

Defines the look and behavior of a window, including the title, size, and whether or not it can be resized.