Panel Size and Dock Options


A docked panel is a 'hidden' panel that can be revealed when a given event fires. Whether or not a panel is dockable is defined here in the 'Panel Size and Dock Options' properties section of a given Panel or Panel Navigator. The assignment of buttons to dock and or undock panels can be done in the Panel Layout using the 'Docked Panel controller buttons' property in the Panel Layout Properties section of the Properties list.


Specify the initial dock state for this panel. If set to none, the panel will be visible.

Layout size

Specify the card size. You can use CSS syntax. Allowed units are: px, in, pt, pc, cm, mm, or a relative size (e.g. flex(2)).

Minimum size

Specify the minimum size for this Panel. If the available size for the Panel is less than the minimum size, the Panel will be docked (i.e. hidden). Specify the size using CSS syntax, allowed units are: px, in, pt, pc, cm, mm.