UX Advanced PropertiesServer-side onBeforePopulateUXControlsFromTable Event


An Xbasic function to call before a data bound UX component is populated with data from one or more tables

The is an Xbasic function that is called before populating a data-bound UX Component with data from tables. The function can be used to authorize or deny permission to view a specific record. For example:

function onBeforePopulate as c (e as p)
    key = e.primaryKey

    if ("B" $ key) then
        e.authorized = .t.
        e.authorized = .f.
        e.javascript = "alert('You do not have authorization to view this account.');"
    end if

end function

The Xbasic function is passed a dot variable called e that contains the following properties:


A dot variable that contains the UX definition.


The primary key for the record to be retrieved.

You can set the following properties in the e variable in your Xbasic function to restrict access to data, as well as return JavaScript to execute in the case that access is denied:


A logical variable. The value can be .t. or .f.. If set to .f., the record is not fetched. If set to .t. or not set, the record is fetched.


Optional JavaScript to execute on the client. The JavaScript is only executed if e.authorized is set to .f..