Properties for using cascading style sheets and scalable vector graphics in a component.

A5CWLayout class padding

Every control is wrapped in a div tag with the class 'A5CWLayout'. The padding specified here is the space between adjacent controls. Use CSS syntax to specify padding. e.g. 10px, .1in, etc. The default is 4px

CSS (Font) Icons

Specify if any CSS Icon libraries should be loaded.

CSS Linked files

Specify any CSS files that should be linked (in addition to the primary style for the Component). Enter a comma delimted list of filenames.

Default size for SVG icons

The default size for SVG icons in a component that does not use the Alpha or Alpha-based Web Themes.

Floating label settings

Defines the appearance and behavior of floating control labels.

Local CSS definitions

Defines local CSS classes, rules, and overrides stored with the UX component. The Local CSS Definition supports CSS and SASS markup. Local CSS definitions are loaded when the UX is first rendered.

Local SVG definitions

Specify any local SVG image definitions you want to include in this component.

SVG Linked files

Specify any SVG files that should be linked. Enter a comma delimted list of filenames. Only relative filenames can be specified. Files must be in a folder relative to the webroot.