After login behavior


Specifies what happens after a user logs into an application with integrated login.


The After login behavior property determines what happens after the user logs in. This property can be set to RedirectToTargetPage, FocusPanelCard, or Nothing.

After login behavior

The user is redirected to the target page specified in the Redirect page property.


The application navigates to the panel card defined in Target Panel.


Nothing happens after the user logs in unless you explicitly define a workflow or action in the onLogin event.

If After login behavior is set to "RedirectToTargetPage" then the Redirect page property is shown. This is the name of the page that the application should redirect to after user user logs in. The redirect page can be set explicitly, or can be set to <Default>. If the redirect page is set to <Default>, the app will automatically navigate to the redirect page specified in the Security Settings > Login Options > Redirect page after login property when the user logs in.

You can override the redirect page in the server-side onLogin event by setting the value of the e.url property. For example:

e.url = "homepage.a5w"

If After login behavior is set to "FocusPanelCard" then after login, the Target Panel property is shown. The UX will set focus to the Panel Card specified in Target Panel. FocusPanelCard is typically used in Cordova mobile app in conjunction with the Persistent login feature where there may be no internet connection when the application is launched, so redirecting to another page is not possible because it requires an Ajax Callback to the server to fetch the page.

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