Session Timeout Warning


Add a session timeout warning that notifies the user when their session will expire. If Alpha Anywhere's security system is enabled, the user may be required to login again after their session expires.

Display warning before session timeout

If enabled, a warning message will be shown alerting the user that their session is going to expire.

In some application, the user's session can expire even though they may be actively using the application. This is typically seen in web applications where most of the scripting is done on the client. A session's lifetime is reset whenever an Ajax Callback is made to the Application Server. If most of the work in the application is processed on the client, however, it is possible for a user's session to expire even though they are using the app. If this happens, the user won't know their session has expired until they do something that requires an Ajax Callback, at which point they may receive an error message or be automatically redirected to the login page without warning.

The Display warning before session timeout, if enabled, will display an alert to the user before the session times out. The warning includes a button the user can click to extend their session. In addition to displaying a message, you can also specify what happens when the user's session times out, including redirecting the user to another page.

Advance warning timing

The Advance warning timing defines when a message should be shown to the user to remind them when their session expires. This value is specified as the number of minutes before the session expires.

After session timeout action

This property defines what should happen when the user's session times out. The following actions are available:


Displays a message that the session has expired. When the user closes the message, the Confirmation button Javascript is executed.

Redirect To Another Page

Redirect the user to another page. The user can be redirected to the same page (the UX Component) by specifying <self> for the Target page after session timeout.

Target page after session timeout

If the After session timeout action has been set to 'Redirect To Another Page', you can define the target page after session timeout. The target page can be another page or the UX Component. To redirect to the UX Component, set Target page after session timeout to the following:


This will reload the UX Component and recreate the user's session.

Confirmation button Javascript

If the After session timeout action is set to 'Nothing', you can specify Javascript to execute when the user closes the session timeout message. By default, the UX Component's page will be reloaded. This is accomplished by using the following placeholder:


The <ReloadThisPage> placeholder will automatically generate the Javascript to reload the page.