UX Component


The UX component is an ideal choice for web and mobile application due to its versatility, including the wide range of controls for displaying and editing your data as well as it's ability to integrate with multiple data sources.

Introducing the UX Component

The UX Component is one of the basic building blocks for Alpha Anywhere applications. It is generally the main component for creating mobile apps.

UX Controls

The UX component contains a large number of different types of controls. Each of these controls comes with its own advantages as well as its own sets of properties. Some of these properties are shared across controls while others are specific to a given control type. This page contains links to the different groups of controls available in Alpha Anywhere as well as a link the Control Properties pages. If you are looking for guides on how to assemble working controls, populate controls with data, or see what a given property in a control's Properties list then this is a good place to start.

UX Properties

The UX component contains the following types of properties:

Data Binding

Create new tables with fields that match the controls on your UX Component, or bind the controls in your UX Component to fields in existing tables. The Data Binding page lets you bind an entire UX component to new or existing SQL or DBF tables in a database and then assign controls to fields in those table accordingly.


Whenever a control or some other feature is added to a UX component it usually comes with some event handles. Events are simply a way of specifying where you want some action or bit of code to run in an application, whether on the server-side or the client-side. It is easy to tie actions and/or custom code to an event in the UX Component on both the Client-Side Events and Server-Side Events pages. Simply highlight the event in the list on the right and then define what happens in during that event in the workspace on the left.


The 'Code' section of the UX Builder is where you can define any Javascript and Xbasic functions that are called inside of the component you are building. This section of the UX documentation also includes an explanation of Client Side Templates.

Genies for the UX Component

In this article, we'll see how Alpha Anywhere can write data binding code. In Server-side Action Scripting, we see how Alpha Anywhere can generate other server-side actions.

UX Component - Videos

Over 40 videos describing how to create, manipulate, and improve a UX component.