Video Player Component


The Video Player component is a Custom component that can be used to display and play HTML5 video, Flash video, or embed a hybrid HTML5/Flash video and player from YouTube in a web application.


The Video Player component is used to play videos referenced in a parent container, such as Grid Component or UX Component, in a web application. This makes it easy to build a data driven multimedia application which includes promotional, reference or training video assets.

The Video Player component includes the ability to:

  • Add a hybrid HTML5 and Flash video player for hosted streaming video.
  • Embed any video from YouTube in a hybrid HTML5/Flash video player.
Video Player Component Events

Information about client-side and server-side events for the Video Player Component.

Video Player Component Properties

A list of video player component properties available in Alpha Anywhere.

Referencing the Video Player Object in JavaScript

The Video Player component can be used in JavaScript scripts by referencing the {component.object} object. For example:

var vPlayer = {component.object};

Video Player JavaScript Methods

The Video Player object has the following JavaScript methods:

  • clearVideo()

    Clears the div containing the HTML5 or Flash video player. Typically called in the onHide event of a pop-up window.



Video Player

The Video Player Component allows you to easily display video content in a web application. The videos below show how to get started with the Video Player Component.