Cordova plugins with built-in integration support in Alpha Anywhere.


Alpha Anywhere's integration with Cordova includes features that require one or more plugins. These plugins are listed below. In addition to these plugins that are integrated into Alpha Anywhere, additional plugins from the Cordovoa Plugin Library can be integrated into your Cordova applications. To learn more about both the plugins integrated into Alpha Anywhere and other plugins that can be used with Cordova, visit the Cordova Plugins Library.

Android Crosswalk Plugin

Enhanced application performance can be achieved in Android application using the Android Crosswalk Plugin for Cordova.

Background Geolocation-LT Plugin

Continuously capture the user's location using the Background Geolocation-LT plugin.

Camera With Exif Plugin

Capture Exif and geolocation information when the user takes a photo or uploads a photo from the Photo Library with the Camera With Exif Plugin.

Cordova-Open Plugin

Plugin used to open files using a native application on a mobile device.

Custom URL Scheme Plugin

Create custom URLs to launch your application using the Cordova Custom URL Scheme Plugin.

Image Picker Plugin

Add the ability to select multiple images from the Photo Library using the Image Picker Plugin.

Keyboard Plugins

Several plugins are available which provide functions to make interacting with the iOS keyboard a bit easier and include events to indicate when the keyboard will be shown or hidden.

Media With Compression Plugin

This plugin allows you to record audio with compression.

Native Transitions Plugin

This plugin allows you to use native transitions for page curl, flip, and fade.

Status Bar Plugin

Control the status bar appearance and behavior.

Touch ID Plugin

Add biometric authentication to your iOS applications using the Fingerprint Touch ID plugin.

Alpha WKWebView Engine Plugin

This plugin allows you to use the enhanced Alpha WKWebView within an iOS Cordova App

Identifying the Plugin Source

The Cordova App Builder loads all of the core plugins from the NPM registry. If you are using any of the CLI versions of PhoneGap, the NPM core plugins are required.

All 3rd party plugins list the registry where they can be found. Plugins in Alpha Anywhere are either sourced from NPM or GitHub. This information can be found in the help for each plugin from within the Cordova Builder properties.


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