The integrated PhoneGap App Builder allows developers to easily build native, hybrid mobile applications from within Alpha Anywhere.

Getting Started with PhoneGap

Building native mobile applications with Alpha Anywhere and PhoneGap.

PhoneGap Component Templates

PhoneGap UX component templates provide a foundation for using specific PhoneGap plugins to build sophisticated PhoneGap mobile apps

Working with Files in PhoneGap Applications

The PhoneGap File System Action Javascript makes it easy to work with files stored in the file system of a mobile device. In addition to Action Javascript, there are methods available for working with the device's file system using Javascript in PhoneGap applications.


PhoneGap plugins with built-in integration support in Alpha Anywhere.

PhoneGap / Cordova CLI Builder

Alpha Anywhere includes a CLI build option in the PhoneGap App Builder. Support is provided for Android builds on a Windows PC and iOS builds on a Mac.

PhoneGap / Ionic Appflow

Alpha Anywhere now includes an Ionic Appflow build option in the PhoneGap App Builder Genie. Support is provided for Android and iOS builds using Ionic Appflow.

Current Hot Topics : PhoneGap Build And Mobile Development

These hot topics impact development with the latest releases of PhoneGap for Android and iOS Mobile development.

Set the PhoneGap Ajax Callback URL Dynamically at Runtime

When you build a PhoneGap application you have to specify the URL for Ajax callbacks in the PhoneGap genie.

Manage Mobile Apps with Apperian EASE

PhoneGap applications can be published directly to the Apperian EASE platform. The Apperian EASE platform can secure, manage and deploy enterprise mobile apps for all platforms.

Data Integration with PhoneGap

Integrating SQLite and working with the Client-side Data Cache in PhoneGap Applications

PhoneGap App Builder - Icons and Splash Screens

Automatically build splash screens and 9-patch images for iOS and Android PhoneGap applications using Alpha Anywhere.

PhoneGap - Index.HTML Meta Tags

When you build a PhoneGap app, you can insert custom META tags in the index.html file that is generated for your PhoneGap app. A common use case for this feature is to turn off iOS auto-detection of phone numbers and email addresses.

Instant Update

Instant Update is a feature you can include in your mobile apps, allowing you to issue simple update without needing to re-submit your app to app stores.

UX Component - PhoneGap Applications - Setting Default Properties for the PhoneGap Genie

When you build a PhoneGap application it is critical that you turn on all of the required plug-ins for your application in the PhoneGap Build Project Settings genie.

PhoneGap Builder: iOS Storyboards and Android 9 Patch images

Storyboards and 9 Patch images are used by newer versions of iOS and Android for launch images.

Troubleshooting PhoneGap Issues

Common issues and how to solve them.

Usage Descriptions for Plugins

Usage descriptions can be added to the PhoneGap config file, which can be used to add xml directly to the iOS Info.plist file and Android AndroidManifest.xml files.

PhoneGap User Defined Plugin Library Manager

The PhoneGap Builder includes a User Defined Plugin Library Manager that allows the developer to include any PhoneGap plugin that is publicly available from GitHub or NPM.

Multiple App Icons 

If you have a lot of applications in PhoneGap build, retrieving the app icon for each app can be slow; because the PhoneGap build API does not have a call to retrieve all the icons at once. You then have to call the API once for each app. Setting the Get Icon Timeout Threshold property to , will cause a default icon to be used.