Charting in Reports


Embedding charts in reports.

Chart Control

The Chart Control is used by several other components and subsystems: the Web Chart Component, Reports, the Chart Alternate View, and desktop Forms. This article explains the common functionality provided by the Chart Control Genie. Charting is built into the Dialog Component (called the UX component in V12 and above) and into Reports.

Embedding Charts with a Custom Data Source

Charts can be based on a custom data source defined using an Xbasic function.

Embedding Charts in Reports

To embed a chart in a report, first create a new Quick Report, then save it as a Layout Table Report, using the Open in Report Editor button. In the Layout Table Report Designer, add a row to hold the chart, enlarge the row and merge enough cells to make room for the desired chart size, and add the chart to the layout by double-clicking in the large cell to bring up the Cell contents dialog.