Creating Reports


Creating reports

Creating Reports

There are two approaches to creating reports.

Reports - Sets - Active Link Tables

When you create a new Report, Label or Letter that is based on a Set that joins Active-Link tables, Alpha Anywhere analyzes the Set structure and the definition of each of the Active-Link tables to see if the Report could instead be based on a SQL Query.

Working with Named DataSources

Creating, using, editing, renaming, and copying a named datasource.

Reports - Custom Data Sources

When you create Report in Alpha Anywhere you could choose to base the report on a SQL data source, a native .dbf table, or a Custom data source. .

Creating an HTML Report

It is a relatively simple task to "print" a report to an HTML file. This particular example collects all the "pages" of the report into a single file and creates a set of bookmarks that allows the user to quickly find a section of the report.