Inserting a Page Break


There are two types of page breaks you can use, a hard page break and a soft page break. A hard page break always causes a page break to occur. For example, if you want to use the Report Header edit region as a cover page for the Report, you can put a hard page break at the end of the edit region to cause the Report to start the next edit region on the following page.

A soft page break, only occurs if the remaining contents of the edit region do not fit on the page. For example, in the Detail edit region of your Reports contains a series of character fields followed by a memo field. The memo field is set to automatically expand when the Report prints. If you want to make sure that the memo field is not split across the page, you can place a soft page break above it. In cases where the memo field does not fit on the page, the entire memo field is carried over to the next page. To insert a page break, use the Page Break tool on the Toolbox. By default, the page break you create is a hard page break. To change it to a soft page break, either right click on the page break or highlight it and select Object > Properties. In the Object Properties dialog box, click the Optionally break radio button.

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