Report Group Properties


Group, region, and head and foot properties.

Group Properties

  • Break on change in

    The break expression that determines when to begin a new group.

  • Label

    The label that identifies the group field on the report.

  • Order on break

    Orders the groups of the report using the values of the break expression.

  • Use set ordering

    Orders the groups of the report using the sort order of the table or set.

  • Specify order

    Allow you to specify an expression that orders the groups of the report.

  • Ascending Descending

    Specifies whether the groups will be sorted in ascending or descending order.

  • images/Group_Group_Properties.gif

Region Properties

  • Group keep

    Specifies that all detail records in a group must be kept together on a page.

  • Group on new page

    Specifies that each group starts on a new column.

  • Columns in group

    Overrides the report level setting for columns.

  • Balance column height

    Indicates whether column heights should be balanced. Overrides the report level setting.

  • images/Group_Region_Properties.gif

Head/Foot Properties

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