Connecting to an Existing Security Database


Multiple applications can be built against the same security database. This is done through the Security Policy.


When you enable the Security Framework for a Web Application, you can specify if the security data (users, roles, etc.) should be stored in DBF tables or a SQL database. If you have previously used a SQL database for the security tables in another web project, you can use the same tables in your current project.

When you are configuring the Security Framework for a Web Project, the Security Table Type can be a DBF File, SQL Database, or an Existing SQL Database. The Use 'SQL Database' from a Different Project option allows you to import the SQL security data from another project in the current workspace. The project must use a SQL database -- DBF is not supported.


After selecting Use 'SQL Database' from a Different Project, save and close the Security Settings dialog to open the genie to finish configuring the security settings. All projects in the current workspace that store security in SQL tables will be listed in the genie. If the security settings you want to use are in a different workspace, you can use the Select Workspace with SQL Users and Groups Data link to list projects in another workspace.


Use the Show Security Data button to see the users and groups for the selected project.


Not Available in Alpha Anywhere Community Edition

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