General Security


Information on encryption algorithms, password protecting scripts, sending secure emails, and more.

Encryption Algorithms (Ciphers)

Alpha Anywhere and the Alpha Application Server use OpenSSL and its redistributable DLLs in order to provide SSL and other encryption functionality. While Alpha Software distributes a set of DLLs with a limited set of encryption algorithms, Alpha Software makes no claims regarding their usability and takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for their use in customer applications. These algorithms are made available for development and testing purposes only. The Alpha Anywhere user accepts full responsibility for obtaining permission/licensing to use any patented algorithms from the appropriate source(s) before deploying any applications.

Password Protecting Your Scripts

How to password protect your scripts to prevent users from changing the scripts.

Sending Email Using SSL and TLS

Alpha Anywhere supports the ability to send email thru SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS ( Transport Layer Security ). Many SMTP servers require SSL or TLS connection when connecting remotely.