Managing Users and Groups


The Security Framework uses Groups to control what a User can and cannot access in an application.

Adding Users

Users must be registered in the users table in order to log into your web application. Learn how to add them using the Web Security tools.

Adding Users and Groups

Users and Groups can be added to the web security table through the Web Security dialog.

Summary For a Security Group

If the security framework has been enabled, you can use the Show pages/components authorized for selected group tool to get a summary of pages, reports, and components that members of a security group are authorized to access.

Select Groups Dialog

The Security Groups dialog allows you to select groups assigned to objects and pages.

Storing Additional User Information

When you use the Security Framework in an Alpha Anywhere application, the table that contains the list of user names and passwords is a system table which cannot be modified to add fields to store additional information about each user. Instead, an Extended User Information Table must be used. This is especially important for applications published to Alpha Cloud or the Application Server for IIS.