Working with Web Services.

Consuming REST Services

REST APIs can be used in Alpha Anywhere apps in a variety of ways.

Creating A Service Endpoint

Create a Service Endpoint in Alpha Anywhere to Retrieve, Create, Update and Delete data.

REST Services

Alpha Anywhere allows you to create your own REST APIs. REST APIs can be used to allow third party applications or other Alpha Anywhere applications to interact with your application, including providing access to workflows and processes you have built as well as allowing access to SQL databases. You can also consume REST services in your Alpha Anywhere applications.

Building a GraphQL Service to Expose Data in a SQL Database

GraphQL is a popular approach for defining APIs. Unlike REST APIs, which have multiple endpoints, a GraphQL API exposes a single endpoint that allows many different types of queries and mutations (a mutation is a method that changes data). Alpha Anywhere's built-in genie makes creating a GraphQL service (i.e. API) to expose data in a SQL database extremely easy.

Redis Client

Using the Xbasic Redis Client.

Couch DB API

Xbasic object to query and perform operations against a Couch Database.

Mongo DB API

Xbasic object to query and perform operations against a MongoDb Database.

Web Service Clients

Connecting to and working with SAP and SOAP web services.