Alpha Anywhere Stylesheets


Alpha Anywhere ships with several style sheets that can be used in mobile and web applications.

Alpha Stylesheet

The Alpha style (which is a 'version 4' style) uses SVG icons (as opposed to CSS Icons which 'version 3' styles - such as iOS7, AndroidLight and AndroidDark used).

Alpha Style Button Subthemes

The Alpha Style includes many pre-built subthemes for Buttons.

Customizing Style Colors and Fonts

Editing the colors and fonts used in a style has always been possible by editing the style sheet. For example, if you are using the iOS7 style, you could edit this style and customize all colors and fonts.

Inherited Styles

Inherited styles are web themes derived from an existing style. Styles can inherit from system styles shipped with Alpha Anywhere or custom user-defined styles.

Adding Pulse Effects

The pulse effect can be added to any application using the Alpha style.

Shared CSS Styles

CSS styles that are shared across all style sheets can be defined as "Shared styles". Shared styles can be added to Alpha Anywhere at the system level or project level.