Xbasic Code Editor


The Xbasic Code Editor is used to write Xbasic in web, mobile, and desktop applications.

The Code Editor

You write Xbasic scripts in the Code Editor. The Code Editor is a multi-tabbed window that allows you to edit multiple scripts at the same time. The Code Editor always includes at least one tab called the Interactive window where you can test individual lines of Xbasic code and see immediate results. For more information on using the Interactive window, see Testing Xbasic Statements in the Interactive Window.

Using the Xbasic Code Editor

The Xbasic Code Editor is used to write Xbasic scripts in applications. It includes features, such as syntax highlighting and auto-complete, to make it easy to read and write Xbasic.

Transform Code Utility

The Code > Transform command is a very powerful script editing tool for advanced Xbasic programmers. This utility has several built-in functions.