How to Determine the current Alpha Anywhere server version

In an A5W page, insert this code to display the version:

How to Locate the Application Server configuration file being used by the current instance of Alpha

Alpha Anywhere and the Application Server each store server settings in a configuration file on the computer's hard drive. The location of the file being used by an instance of Alpha Anywhere or the Application Server can be determined using the function a5_GetAppServerConfigFile(). For example:

How to Publish Multiple Web Projects Using Subfolders

If multiple projects are published to the same Application Server (such as often done in development) they have to be published to discrete folders under webroot to segregate the projects. This is done by giving each project a unique target folder in the publish profile.

How to Specify an Alternate Configuration File for the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server

The Classic Application Server allows for an alternate configuration file to be specified. This is done through the use of a command line option, CONFIGFILE. For example, to launch the Application Server using a configuration file named TestConfig.xml in the root of the server's C drive: