How to call a SQL Server stored procedure from a Grid

Stored procedures can be called from a Grid component to get data from a database.

How to Use User-Defined Scalar Functions in Oracle and SQL Server

User-defined scalar functions in Oracle and SQL Server can be called from Alpha Anywhere.

How to Create a Database Snapshot and Store it in a SQLLocalDB Database

Having a way to create and share data in databases is desireable in some situations. Test databases, sample databases, or databases shipped with an app can be created using database snapshots.

Creating a Grid Based on a Microsoft Access Table or View

Step by step instructions for creating and formatting a Microsoft Access table or view.

Creating a Grid for Microsoft Access Using the SQL Builder

Step by step instructions for creating and formatting a grid for Microsoft Access using the SQL builder.

How to Dynamically Connect to a Database Using an Encrypted Password

Connecting to databases using dynamic connection strings can be done securely.

How to Dynamically Construct SQL Statements

This interactive session demonstrates how you can programmatically modify SQL statements from Xbasic.

How to Export a SQL Query to Excel Using Xbasic

Excel files can be generated with data from Xbasic SQL queries in Alpha Anywhere.

How to Export Tables from a Database

When sharing components or sending in a bug report, you need to include a backup of the table(s) referenced by the component. Otherwise, the component cannot be run. This article describes how to export data from tables in MySQL or SQL Server.

How to Connect to SQL Server from 64-bit Windows

Alpha Anywhere SQL Server interface is a wrapper around Microsoft s SQL Server ODBC drivers (there are now three versions). If you are able to create a DSN with the Microsoft ODBC manager, then you will be able to connect with Alpha Anywhere as well.

How to Import Mixed Format Columns from Excel

When you use AlphaDAO to import Excel spreadsheets, you are using the Microsoft (MDAC) ODBC driver. If you mix numbers and text in a column, the results may not be what you expect.

How To Improve SQL Server Query Performance by Using Indexes

Performance of queries against SQL Server can be affected by string arguments due to an issue with the SQL Server optimizer.

How to Mark Records Deleted Without Physically Deleting Them

In some applications, you may want to allow users to mark records as 'deleted' without physically deleting the record from the database. this can be done using a logical field to flag a record as deleted.

How to Use Output Arguments with Stored Procedures in Xbasic

Most queries performed on a SQL database use Input arguments. However, Xbasic offers the ability to also use Output and InputOutput arguments return values from stored procedures.