How to avoid write conflicts on datetime fields

If you choose a date/time format that does not include seconds for a grid text field, but store seconds in the DATETIME field in your database, you can encounter write conflicts if the stored values have non-zero seconds. For example, you might choose this as your date/time format:

How to Base a Grid on a Stored Procedure

The Grid component does not allow you to base a Grid on a stored procedure prior to V11. You must specify a SQL Select statement. You can however work around this limitation to a limited degree if your Grid is readonly.

How to Call a UX Component from a Grid and Pass Information from the UX Component Back into the Grid

Steps and examples on how to do this are described in this page.

How to Collapse a Group in a Grid Component

Group breaks are a useful way to organize records in a Grid Component. You can add special directives that enable a user to expand or collapse records in a group in a Grid component.

How to Create a Grid with a Form Layout

Records in a Grid component can be configured to display as "forms", similar to the type of layouts you can create in the UX Component.

How to Define Dynamic Content for a Tab/Accordion Control Pane

Advanced uses might want to use the Tab and Accordion control's onDynamicLoad property to define a Javascript event that will fire when the particular tab/accordion pane gets focus for the first time. This allows you to load dynamic content into the tab/accordion pane only when the pane is visited. If the pane is never visited, then you do not waste time and server resources computing content that will not be seen. As the image below shows, the third pane (labeled 'DynamicLoad') does not have any controls in it. When the user visits the tab pane, the onDynamicLoad function will fire and it will be set the tab pane content.

How to Disable Grid Input Controls when Update is not Allowed for the Current User

In a Grid component if you have the Security Framework enabled and the user does not have permission to update data, the input controls are still enabled even though the user will not be able to save any edits. It might be desirable to disable input controls when the user does not have update permission.

How to Display a Fade Out Message When a Record is Saved

Fade out messages are commonly used to notify the user when an action has completed. You can add them to your applications using Action Javascript.

How to Display a Three State Checkbox on a Grid Component

Logical values stored in a database can have three states: true, false, or NULL. Representing these three values can be done using checkboxes.

Displaying Images from a Table

A field in a table may contain an image or the file location of an image (an image reference field). This example shows how to display these two types of images.

How to Dynamically Show "Add Records" Link

If a Grid Component can be used to add new records, the button used to display the new record rows or detail view for adding a new record can be dynamically shown or hidden. This is done by either using Action Buttons or adding HTML to the Grid component's layout so that JavaScript can be used to toggle the display of the add new records link.

How to Export Selected Records to Excel in a Grid Component with a Checkbox Selector

Individual rows in a Grid Component can be exported to an Excel file using the Checkbox Selector Column to filter the Grid Component before performing the export.

How to Export Records in a Grid Component to Excel or Ascii

Records in a Grid Component can be exported to Excel or Ascii using built-in features of the Grid Component or Action Javascript.

How to Filter a Grid on the Selected Rows in a List Control

Argument arrays, combined with the SQL IN clause, are a powerful way to filter records shown in a Grid component.

How to Filter Records in a Grid Component Using Information from the Extended User Info Table

Learn how to filter records in a Grid component based on the currently logged in user using the "USERID" field from the Extended User Information table.

How to Override Grid Component Settings in an .a5w page or OnGridExecute event

Properties of the Grid Component can be overridden at run-time when the Grid is being loaded on an .a5w page or in the Grid Component's onGridExecute server-side event.

How to Import Data from an Excel or Ascii File into a Grid Component

Data in an Excel file or comma delimited Ascii file can be imported into a Grid Component based on a table in a database.

How to Put Up a Wait Dialog While The Grid is Performing an Ajax Callback

If you Grid does a callback that takes some time (e.g. searching a large database), you might want to put up a custom 'working...' message.

How to Set Default Component Property Values for a Grid

The default values for new Grid components can be configured. This is particularly useful if you are developing many Grid components that need to suppport multiple languages or are always making the same set of changes to every new Grid Component.

How to use System Javascript Fields in User-Defined Javascript Functions

Built-in system fields used for defining client-side expressions can be used in Javascript functions using the {grid.object}._getGridVariables method to get the variables from the Grid Component.

How to Use Custom Controls in a Grid Component

This topic discusses an advanced use of a Custom Control in a Grid component.