How to configure a site to use HTTPS under IIS

Installing an SSL/HTTPS certificate for a site running under IIS is straight forward. The IIS server maintains a list of available certificates that have been added to it and each site has an HTTPS binding that uses one of those certificates.

How to Build an IIS Deployment Package

If there is completely no access to the IIS server, Alpha Anywhere does not currently support creating a package that can be independently deployed on the IIS server. However, by using the following steps, a deployment package can be created outside of Alpha Anywhere.

How to Install Multiple Versions of the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS

Multiple version of the Application Server for IIS can be installed on one system for a single license. This allows you to test new releases or deploy multiple applications running on different versions of Alpha Anywhere.

How to Setup Production and Development Versions of Your Web Application with the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS

Learn how to publish separate production and test sites for your web application.

How to Use IIS Behind a Load Balancer

If the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS will be used on multiple machines, Microsoft's Web Farm Framework or a Load Balancer will be required to distribute requests across the machines.