How to Create an Offline Installer


A standalone installer for any version of Alpha Anywhere (Developer Edition, Application Server for IIS, Application Server, and Runtime) can be created using the Universal Installer.


The Universal Installer allows you to add and manage installations of Alpha Software products. The installer downloads installation files for products as needed during installation. This means the Universal Installer requires an internet connection to install updates.

If you need an installer that can be run without a network connection, you can create an Offline Installer for the product and version required.

  1. Startup the Universal Installer on a machine that can connect to

  2. Choose the product and version to create an offline package.

    Click the Change button to select a build type and version.
    Installation Options include the install directory, build type, and version.
  3. Click on the More... button and choose Offline installer.

  4. Select the output location for the offline installer package.

  5. Copy the offline installer package and C:\Program Files (x86)\Alpha Anywhere Installer\InstallAlphaAnywhere.exe to the machine that does not have internet access to


    The Universal Installer executable (InstallAlphaAnywhere.exe) must be the same version that was used to create the offline installer package.

  6. On the Windows command line (using Command Prompt or your program of choice), run the following command in the directory where you copied the offline installer in the previous step:

    InstallAlphaAnywhere -OfflinePackage="<name of the offline installer package>"
  7. Use the Universal Installer as you normally would. The only product that can be installed is the one that is in the offline installer package.



How to Create an Offline Installer

If a network connection is not available on a system that you need to install an Alpha Software product, an Offline Installer can be created to install Alpha Anywhere on the system. Offline installers can be created for the Developer Edition, Application Server for IIS, Application Server, and Runtime products. In this short video, we show how to create an Offline Installer for a specific version of Alpha Anywhere using the Universal Installer.