How to Install an Update for Alpha Anywhere


The Universal Installer is used to manage all Alpha Anywhere installations, including the Developer Edition, Application Server for IIS, Application Server, and Runtime environment.


Products listed on the Installed tab can be quickly updated to the most recent release for the installed build type. A product will be shown on the Installed tab if it has been installed with the Universal Installer, or if an existing product installation is detected the first time you run the Universal Installer.

The first time you launch the Universal Installer, it will search your system for existing installations. The Universal Installer will add the most recent installed product to the list of products on the Installed tab. If you have multiple versions of the same product installed using the older Alpha Anywhere installers, only the most recently installed version will appear.

The steps described in this article can be used to update products on the Installed tab. To update products that are installed but not listed, see How to Install or Update to a Specific Version of Alpha Anywhere. Once a product is updated to a specific version, it will be added to the Installed tab.

  1. Download and run the Universal Installer.

    If you have already downloaded the Universal Installer, you do not need to download it again.

  2. Locate the product you want to update on the Installed tab. If you are using the Universal Installer to update an installed product using the old installer, only the most recently products are listed.

    If your product is not listed on the Installed tab, you will need to use the approach described in How to Install or Update to a Specific Version of Alpha Anywhere to update your installed product(s).

  3. Click Update to install the most recent release. If the installed version is a Stable build, the most recent Stable build will be installed. If the installed version is a Nightly build, the most recent Nightly build will be installed.

  4. If prompted to reboot, reboot your computer and rerun the installer. You may see this prompt if you have pending Windows Updates or have installed another product that requires a reboot. A pending reboot may prevent the Alpha Anywhere installation from completing.

    You can optionally click Continue, however it is strongly recommended that you reboot your system before continuing with the installation.

  5. Repeat for every product you want to update.

Updating your Apps to a New Version 

After updating the installation of Alpha Anywhere, you must also republish your application. Alpha Anywhere workspaces are not backwards compatible. Before opening your project in the new version of Alpha Anywhere, backup of your workspace by copying it to another directory, using a backup tool, or leveraging a source control system like Git or GitHub that provides rollback functionality. This will allow you to rollback to the previous version of Alpha Anywhere if needed.

Alpha Anywhere workspaces are not backwards compatible. Make a backup before migrating to a new version and test your app thoroughly before deploying a new version of your application on a new version of Alpha Anywhere.

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