How to Refresh List Data with "Pull-to-Refresh"


Pulling a page down past the top of the page is a common method for triggering a refresh of a web page or application. This action can be added to mobile applications to refresh data in a List Control.


Pull to Refresh is a common feature in mobile applications; it's often used in lieu of a button to update or "refresh" the page. Pull to Refresh can be added to a List Control using the "'Pull-to-refresh' settings" option in the List's properties.

Pull to Refresh allows the user to update data by pulling down a List beyond a specified threshold, triggering a call to refresh the data in the List. Upon release, the List bounces back to its initial position. The "'Pull-to-refresh' settings" let you define how the refresh icon is displayed as well as the action to take when the event is triggered or cancelled.

Watch the video below for full instructions on how to add Pull to Refresh behavior to your application: