How to add Animation Effects to Client-side Show/Hide Expressions

Client-side show/hide expressions can be defined to dynamically display controls in a component. An animation effect can be applied when the control's display changes.

How to Bind an Argument to a JavaScript Function

Arguments defined for a Custom component, Grid component, UX component, or Report can be bound to the result of a JavaScript function when open opening the component or report using Action Javascript.

How to Change Button Text at Run-Time

The contents of a button can be dynamically set at run-time using JavaScript.

How to Close the Popup Window Displaying a Component Embedded in an a5w Page

Normally, a child component is opened directly in a popup window. If the component is embedded in an .a5w page, however, that is opened in a popup, the component will be run in an IFrame. Traditional methods, such as the 'closeContainerWindow()' JavaScript method cannot be used to close the container window. This article explains what you must do in order to close the popup window from the child component.

How to Configure an Amazon S3 Bucket

Amazon S3 Buckets can be used to store files, such as images or documents. S3 Buckets can also be used with AlphaLaunch to host application installation files.

How To Configure Source Control to Ignore Alpha Anywhere Files

Some files and directories in an Alpha Anywhere workspace can be excluded from source control.

How to Copy Code Libraries from Older Versions of Alpha Anywhere

Code Libraries from older versions of Alpha Anywhere can be copied into the current version of Alpha Anywhere. This is done by copying the Code Libraries from the older version of Alpha Anywhere to the directory where Code Libraries are stored in the current version of Alpha Anywhere.

How to download a Sample App from the Alpha Anywhere GitHub Repository

Several sample applications are available from the Alpha Anywhere GitHub repository. This article explains how to find and download a sample application and open it in Alpha Anywhere.

How to get the Displayed Value for a Dropdown, Edit-combo, Checkbox, or RadioButton control

Example JavaScript for getting the displayed value for the selected choice(s) in a Dropdown, Edit-combo, Checkbox, or RadioButton control.

How to Extract the Value from a URI Query String

URI Query Strings are used to provide page parameters to a web page -- such as an A5W page or HTML page. A specific value for a variable in a query string can be extracted on the client using JavaScript.

How to Dynamically Set the Client-side Mask

A client-side mask can be set dynamically at runtime using JavaScript.

How to Execute Scripts on a Repeating Schedule

Scripts can be executed on a reoccurring schedule in desktop applications.

How to implement comma_to_crlf honoring delimiters

The comma_to_crlf function does not take into account quoted delimiters.

How to use the Javascript Code Library to Create and Insert Snippets

A library of code snippets can make developing applicatons easier. Commonly used patterns, examples for APIs you don't use very often, or functions you find yourself writing over and over again can be stored in the Javascript Code Library. The Javascript Code Library is available anywhere you can use the Javascript editor.

How to Programmatically Enable and Disable Buttons

Buttons in a UX component can be enabled and disbled using the button object's setDisabled() method.

How to make a Checkbox Readonly

Learn how client-side enable expressions can be used to disable a checkbox, making it readonly.

How to Dynamically Recalculate a Page Layout, Tabbed UI or UX Component at Run-time

If overrides have been defined for a Page Layout, Tabbed UI, or UX Component using the 'override_settings' property on the page the component is embedded, the component needs to recalculate the affected controls.

How to Reference Component Definition Properties in Xbasic

Ajax callbacks and server-side events in components are typically passed the e.tmpl object which contains component definition for use in your Xbasic scripts, which contains all of the information about the component for Alpha Anywhere to generate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to send to the client.

How to run a Component or Report in a User Defined Ajax Callback or <%a5..%> Code Block

Components and reports can be dynamically run using Xbasic in an Ajax Callback.

How to Save Base64 Data to a File

Base64 encoded data can be converted back to its original format and saved as a file.

How to Simulate the 'click' Event for a Control

Event handlers can be added for control events -- click, double tap, on key press, etc. In some cases, it may be necessary to trigger a control's event, such as the click event. This can be done by getting a pointer to the control and calling a function to simulate the click.

How to add Keyboard Shortcuts to a Tabbed UI Interface

The Tabbed UI component is a great way to navigate an application. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to buttons in a Tabbed UI that launch components.

How to use JavaScript Functions in Client-side Watch Expressions

Client-side watch expressions can call a user defined JavaScript functions as part of the expression.