How to Build a Mobile Application with Persistent Login

Persistent login can be added to mobile applications, allowing users to log in to an application once and not requiring the user log in again, even if the application is closed.

How to Capture Media Files in an Offline Mobile Application

Learn how to build a mobile app that can be used to capture images and audio while the device is offline.

How to Display .pdf, .xlsx, .docx Files in a Cordova App

Build-in handlers for displaying .pdf, .xlsx, .docx and other file types are usually not available on mobile devices. If your mobile app is built using Cordova, you can use the Document Handler Cordova plugin to display these file types.

How To Download Files to a Mobile Device

This topic discusses two different techniques for downloading files (such as PDF, Video, Audio, Excel, Image files) to a mobile device so that the files are stored in the filesystem on the device and can be viewer later on (presumably when the device no longer has an internet connection) using the Native app associated with the particular file type.

How to Store Large Amounts of Data on a Mobile Device for Offline Use

Large amounts of data can be stored on a device's file system.

How to Create a Cordova Shell Application

Creating a Cordova Shell application allows you to test changes quickly without needing to run the Cordova CLI or Ionic Appflow service every time a change is made.

How to Use SQLite to Store Database Records in Offline Applications

SQLite can be used in Cordova applications to store a large number of records, including images, on mobile devices.

How to use the Next and Previous Buttons to Navigate the Controls in the Active Panel in an iOS Application

The native iOS keyboard has a next and previous button that can be used to navigate input controls on the screen. These buttons can be used with Alpha Anywhere application to navigate controls in the active Panel, however a little work is required to make sure the next or previous buttons do not try to navigate to a control that is on a panel that is not visible.

How to use the File System for Photos in a Cordova Application

Media files (images, videos, and audio files) can be stored on a device's file system rather than Local Storage in Cordova applications, letting you provide access to media files when the application goes offline.