How to Register New Users in a Web Application


An interface for adding new users to the security system in web applications can be created using the UX Component.


Managing data in the Web Security Framework at run-time in a web application can be done using UX Components. Alpha Anywhere's server-side action scripting includes actions for creating new users in the Web Security Framework. The videos below explain how this is done.

In the first video, "Creating an Account for a New User", we show how a UX Component can be used to create a new user account. The UX Component prompts for account information (such as the user name and password), and stores the data in tables used by the Web Security Framework.

The second video, "Storing Personal Information for a New User in a Related Table", shows how to add additional data about the user to a related table at the same time a new user account is created. The account credentials are stored in the Web Security Framework while additional information for the user account is stored in a separate table, referenced using the user ID.

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