How to Edit User Records in a Web Application


An interface for editing existing users in the Web Security Framework can be created using the UX Component.


The UX Component can be used to create an interface to edit user records in the Web Security Framework, allowing you to easily manage user accounts in a web application. In the videos below, we show how this can be done with server-side action scripting.

In the first video, "Modifying an Existing User Account", we show how you can use the UX Component to retrieve the account information for an existing user and edit the data. For example, you may want to change the Group (i.e. "role") that a user is assigned.

In the second video, "Updating Personal Information for a User in a Related Table", we show how a Grid Component can be based on a table where related User information is stored. This grid can be used to search existing user records and open a UX component for editing information for a specific user in the Web Security Framework.

This article builds off of concepts presented in How to Register New Users in a Web Application.

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