How to Configure the Project Style to use the Compact or Pulse Options


Setting a global project style lets you easily configure and change the style used by your application in one place. Learn how to configure Project styles to use the compact and/or pulse theme (if supported) in the Web Project Settings.


Components can be configured to use the Project style -- the style set in the Project Properties. If the Style name property for a component is set to <ProjectStyle>, the component will use the style specified in the Web Project Properties' Project style setting. Some themes that ship with Alpha Anywhere -- Alpha and all styles that inherit from Alpha -- support a compact version of the style or a 'pulse' effect, which adds animation to click events in an application for some types of controls (buttons, list rows, etc.)

In a component, you can enable the compact or pulse effects by checking a property. However, if you specify that the component uses the <ProjectStyle>, the compact and pulse properties are not available. The compact and pulse properties need to be specified in the Project Properties.

You can configure the style in the Project Properties to use the compact and/or pulse effect by including special selectors after the style name. For example: