How to Add a Class and Reference it in a Control

CSS classes can be used to add additional styling to an control in Alpha Anywhere.

How to Add Local and Global Shared Styles

Shared styles are an easy way to create a cohesive look and feel across multiple applications.

How to Create and Assign a Sub-theme

Sub-themes are reusable style definitions for controls.

How to Add a Web Font to Your Project

Learn how to include web fonts in your web and mobile applications using the @font-face CSS rule in Alpha Anywhere.

How to Configure the Project Style to use the Compact or Pulse Options

Setting a global project style lets you easily configure and change the style used by your application in one place. Learn how to configure Project styles to use the compact and/or pulse theme (if supported) in the Web Project Settings.

How to Define Style Tweaks

Style 'tweaks' can be used to customize an Alpha Anywhere style (such as the Alpha style).

How to Preview Themes in Other Contexts in the Web Theme Builder

The Web Theme Builder let's you preview the theme in other contexts. A context is a wrapper class that is applied to a control, such as the "compact" or "panelCard" classes.

How to make Alpha Theme SVG Icons Resizeable in Applications

The Alpha and Alpha-* inherited web themes include several CSS classes used for styling SVG icons included in your application.

How to Set the Height of a Container to the Screen Height

Learn how to set the height of a container to the full height of the screen.