Changing the Locations of the Parts of a Grid Component in an A5W Page

When you create a grid component with search and detail view parts and then place the grid onto an A5W page, you will see something like the following.

How to Create and Load an External JavaScript File

JavaScript functions can be created and stored in external files. Existing JavaScript libraries can also be linked into a component or .a5w page.

How to Create and Read Cookies

Cookies can be created and read using the Context object.

How to optimize an A5W page for SEO

In general, search engine spiders and crawlers can see HTML, but not images, JavaScript, or Flash. Google's can do a little more, but don't count on it for all of them.

How to Install a Node Module and Call it from a Node Service in a Web Application

Node modules can be downloaded and used in Alpha Anywhere web applications.

How to List All Cookies for a Web Application

Listing cookies in a web application can be done using the Context.Request.Cookies object.

How to Make RESTful API Calls

Xbasic offers quite a number of functions and methods for using the HTTP protocol to make various requests from web servers. Sending a RESTful request to a web service is becoming increasingly popular, but is not always as straightforward a s requesting a simple resource from a web server.

How to Omit HTML for Parts of a Component Embedded in an .a5w page

Individual portions of a component are emitted separately when embedded in an A5W page. You can omit portions of the component -- such as the Page Title for a UX Component or the Detail View for a Grid Component.

How to Return Binary Data from a Node Service

A node service can return binary data to an Xbasic script using optional attachments sent using the sendResponse() callback function.

How to Return Status Codes from Ajax Callbacks

You can manually set the status code in an Ajax response.

How to Preserve State Information

Web applications are inherently stateless. In practical application, however, you need to preserve state.