Alpha Five V9


Improvements from Alpha Five V9.

Welcome to Alpha Five V9. 

This version of Alpha Five offers a number of features that make Alpha Five both powerful and easy to use. A signature feature of this release is 'active-link' tables, which allows you to build enterprise class applications against SQL databases. Even if you don't use SQL databases, you will still find lot's of exciting new features in V9. This document describes all of the features in Version 9. We hope you enjoy reviewing it as much as we have enjoyed creating V9! Many of the descriptions of the new features are accompanied by video demonstrations. For a quick overview of what's new, we suggest that you start on the 'Videos of Selected New Features?' page. V9 is available in two editions, 'Platinum' and 'Standard'. The 'Standard' edition includes all of the features of the 'Platinum' edition with the following exceptions:

Available in Standard Edition?
Active-Link tables

Not included

Passive-Link tables

Included, but limited to connections to Access and Excel

AlphaDAO (Alpha Software's technology for connecting to and working with SQL databases)

Included, but limited to connections to Access and Excel

ADO (Microsoft's technology for connecting to and working with SQL databases)

Not included

Export to SQL Databases

Included, but limited to Access and Excel.

Import from SQL Databases using AlphaDAO

Included, but limited to Access and Excel.

Imported from SQL Databases using ADO


Videos of Selected Features for V9 

The What's New in Version 9 document contains video demonstrations of some of the new features in Version 9. Links to these videos appear throughout the document. The available videos are all summarized below.

Some viewers have reported problems viewing these videos in Internet Explorer. If the videos do not display in Internet Explorer, try using Firefox, or another browser.

Active-Link Tables 





  • Mapped Tables 

    Mapped tables are a new feature that allow you to define virtual tables that display data from one or more linked physical tables. The mapped table can include all, or a subset of, the fields in the physical tables and can also include calculated columns. Mapped tables appear in the Control Panel just like any other table. You can build Forms, Reports, Operations, etc. on Mapped Tables, just as you would on physical tables and set. All of the standard Xbasic commands for working with tables can be used with Mapped tables.

  • HTML Memo Fields 

    Alpha Five has always has plain text memo fields and Rich Text (RTF) memo fields. Now, you can create HTML memo fields. HTML memo fields offer much more formatting power than RTF memos and they allow you to include rich media types, such as images, videos, and hyperlinks in your memos.

Web Applications 


Export to SQL Databases 


Field Rules