Dial Telephone Open SMS client


Dial a telephone number or open the SMS client application to send a SMS message.

Used with the UX component.

The number to dial can either be static (i.e. specified at design time), or it can be read from controls on the UX, columns in a List, or returned by a Javascript function.

Dial Telephone Number

Action type

Specify the action

Javascript function

Specify the name of a Javascript function to call. This function must return the number to dial (including the country code. e.g. +15551231234

List name

The name of the list to use.

Method for specifying the telephone number

The method for specifying the telephone number. Options are 'Static', 'Read from controls on UX', 'Read from columns in a List', 'Javascript'.

Number template

The template allows you to specify the fields to read for the phone number and country code. For example assume you have a control (or List column) called 'CountryCode' and a control (or List column) called 'PhoneNumber' you could specify the template as: +{CountryCode}{PhoneNumber}. If you only have a PhoneNumber field and all of your numbers are in the US, you could define the template as: +1{PhoneNumber}. Note that the control name you want to read is enclosed in curly brackets. IMPORTANT: Placeholder names are case-sensitive. For example, {Phone} and {phone} are not the same!

Number to dial

Specify the number. Include the country code. For example, +15551234444. (In this case the country code is 1 -US).

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