Global Update


Set the value in a field in all currently visible rows in the Grid.

Used with the Grid component

Global Update Operation Properties

Field to update

Specify the field to update. You can use <CurrentField> to indicate the field that currently has focus.

Read value from

Specify where the value to update the Grid with will be read from. You can either update all rows with the value in the current row in the Grid, or you can specify the ID of some element in the Grid from where the value will be read. Choices include.

Source element id

Specify the ID of an element from which the value to update the Grid will be read. You can use the {Grid.componentname} placeholder in the element ID to ensure that it is unique to the current Grid. E.g. Say you have an input element with an id of '{Grid.componentName}.UPDATEVALUE' somewhere on the Grid. The user will type a value into this element and the rows in the Grid will be updated with this value.

Rows to update

Specify which rows should be updated. 'AllVisibleRows' - all visible existing record rows and all new record rows, 'AllVisibleExistingRecordRows' - all visible existing record rows, but not new record rows. 'AllNewRecordRows' - only new record rows. 'CheckedRows' - only rows that have been checked. Choices include.

Only update blank fields

Only update the value in fields that are currently blank.

Prompt for confirmation

Before updating a non-blank value, prompt for confirmation?

Confirmation message

Specify the template to use for the confirmation message. The message can include these placeholders: [row] - row number, [old] - old value in field, and [new] - new value for field.

Error message

Specify the error message to show if the Grid is not updatable, or the target field is not updatable. You can use <a5:r>..</a5:r> language tags in the text.


Global Update Operation to Update a Field in Multiple Grid Rows

When doing data entry in a Grid component, there may be times when the user needs to copy a value from one row to multiple rows. The Global Update Operation Action Javascript makes performing this task easy. A button can be added that does a 'global update' on all visible rows in the Grid. After the rows have been updated, the user can the click the "Submit" button to save the changes to the records. Watch the video to learn how this is done.

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