Action JavascriptLogin with Alternative Login Provider


Action logs in the user using account credentials from an alternative login provider such as Google.


The Login with Alternative Login Provider action is used to log in a user using in an app configured to use an alternative login provider, such as Google or Facebook.

This action redirects the user to the provider's login page. After login, the user is then returned to the original page, a page specified in the security settings, or a page set in the after login event for alternative logins.

Watch the video Part 4 - Adding to the UX Component to learn more. See Alpha Anywhere Alternative Login - Authentication and Authorization Using Social Network Credentials to learn more about setting up and using alternative login.

Configuring the Action

Select Named Authentication Provider

The provider to use for login authentication. Providers are defined in the Web Project Properties. See Named Providers.


Alternative Logins - Logging into an Application using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

When the Alpha Anywhere Security Framework is turned on, you can require a users to log into an application before they can use it. The user must provide their user id and password for their account in order to log into the application.

You can provide an option for users to log into your app using credentials from a social network, such as Facebook or Google. These alternative login options can be used to authorize an existing user as well as register new users in the Alpha Anywhere Security Framework

In this video series, we explain how to setup and configure an application to use alternative login to verify users have authorization to use your app.


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