Search a Grid Component that is Embedded into a UX component


Create a highly customized 'Search Part' for a Grid. Allows you to submit a UX component that contains 'search' fields to compute a filter expression and then filter a Grid component that has been embedded into the UX component.

Table Filter/Order Properties

Embedded Grid name

The name of the embedded Grid component to search.

Component alias name

(Read only) This is the component alias name. You cannot edit the alias here. You must edit is as part of the embedded Grid definition.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you change the Grid component's alias, you MUST edit and save this action to regenerate the underlying JavaScript for the action.

Define search fields

The controls on the UX component that will be used to compute the Filter to apply to the embedded Grid.

Filter type

The filter type. In most cases, UserFilter should be used. This is the same type of filter that the Search Part in a Grid would apply. The 'BaseFilter' option applies the filter as a 'base filter' which means that the user can't remove the filter by clicking a 'Clear filter' button in the Grid.

Filter Type

The filter is added to the Grid component. A user filter can be removed using the Clear a Search on a Grid Component that is Embedded into a UX component action.


The filter is integrated into the original query to populate the Grid component. A base filter is not removed when the search is cleared using the Clear a Search on a Grid Component that is Embedded into a UX component action.

Combine multiple search conditions with

If the user defines a search on more than one field, combine the search criteria with either an AND or OR keyword. Choices include AND and OR.


Searching a Grid Embedded in a UX Component

While it is easy to add a Search Part to a Grid, there may be situations where you want to create a much more sophisticated Search Part for the Grid than the built-in Search Part allows.

For example, you might want your 'search part' to be organized into collapsible 'accordion' panes and you might want users to be able to use sliders and calendar controls to enter their search criteria.

Using the layout power that the UX component offers, it is very easy to create extremely sophisticated layouts to prompt for search criteria. These videos shows how you can use Action Javascript to search a Grid that has been embedded in the UX component. The net result being the ability to create an extremely powerful and flexible 'power search' part for your Grids.

Download Component

The Action Javascript to search a Grid embedded in a UX component was originally released as a Power Search Feature Pack addon for Alpha Five Version 11. These features are included automatically as part of Alpha Anywhere and do not require a feature key.


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