Set Page Content


Set the content in one or more page elements (i.e. 'divs', 'spans', form fields, etc.) to values obtained from fields in a Lookup Table.

Used with the Grid component


var rowNum = {grid.object}._selectedRow;

Lookup Source Properties

Lookup source type

Specify if the data is retrieved from a native DBF table or a SQL database table (AlphaDAO)

Table name

Specify the DBF filename.

Connection string

Specify the connection string for the AlphaDAO datasource.

Table name

Specify the table name.

Linking fields

Specify the linking field. The linking fields determine how to find the matching record in the Lookup Table. The fill-in values will be returned from the matching record.

Content Fill-in Rules Properties


Specify the rules for filling in the page with the content from the Database.

Not found action

If the lookup record is not found, what should happen? Choices include.

Not found message

Specify the message to display.

Not found Javascript Function

Specify the name of the Javascript function to execute if the lookup record is not found.

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