Character Functions


There are several categories of Character functions.

Character Addition Functions

Functions to paste strings together.

Character Case Functions

Functions to test and manipulate the case of characters.

Character Encoding for Web Pages

ASCII Control Characters, Non-ASCII Characters, Reserved Characters, and Unsafe Characters.

Common Character Functions

Some examples of common character functions and some guidance in using them.

Character Comparison Functions

Functions to compare whole or partial strings.

Character Conversion Functions

Functions to convert other data types to strings.

Character Counting Functions

Functions to count elements in strings.

Character Extraction Functions

Functions to extract substrings from larger strings.

Formatting Functions

Functions to format strings.

Character HTML Functions

String functions relating to html output.

List Processing Functions

List processing functions available in Alpha Anywhere.

More Character Functions

Some character functions and a brief description on how to use them.

Regular Expression Functions

Functions for creating and using regular expressions

Character Replacement Functions

Replace elements in a string.

Character Search Functions

Search for elements in a string.

Character Sort Functions

Sort elements in a string.