Table Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following table functions.

*environment_definition_tables Function

Extract the tables from a definition.

*page Function

Used with table.external_record_content_get() to limit the rows of data returned.

a5_Active_Link_CreateReadOnly Function

Create a simple, read-only active-link table.

a5_active_link_refreshdefinition Function

Refresh the definition of an active-link table.

a5_activelink_convert Function

Convert an active-link table to a native or passive-link table

a5_activelink_createdefaulttable Function

Create a default active-link table for a remote table. If you are calling this in a loop you can pass in an open connection.

a5_audit_trail_deleterecord Function

Call this function from a table's CanDeleteRecord event. UserNameMode = 1 - user the user name in the A5 Security System is inserted into the audit-trail. UserNameMode = 2 - Windows logon user name.

a5_batchactivelinkcreate Function

Creates default active-link tables for a crlf delimited list of tables.

a5_batchactivelinkdefine Function

Brings up a dialog to create multiple Active-Link tables at once.

a5_batchpassivelinkdefine Function

Brings up a dialog to create multiple Passive-Link tables at once.

a5_check_tbls_sets_exist Function

Checks to see if a CRLF delimited list of tables, or tables in a set, physically exist.

a5_convert_activelink_to_named_connections Function

Converts connection strings in active-link table definitions from explicit connections to named connections. If flagUnConvert = .t., then converts named connections to explicit connections.

a5_copy_table Function

Copies a table w/ or w/out data and layouts. Used in Create Table from Template Genie

a5_copy_tablefiles Function

Copy a table and all of its support files to another name or folder.

a5_create_table_textmode Function

Create a table definition by typing in free form table structure.

a5_createactivelinktabledialog Function

Displays the dialog for creating Active Link tables.

a5_createmapdefn Function

Creates a Table Map Definition from a CRLF delimited list of fields.

a5_createpassivelinktabledialog Function

Brings up a dialog to allow the user to create passive-link tables.

a5_csweb_gettables Function

Retrieve a list of tables from a Client-Server source. pConn requires pConn.ConnectionString to be a valid Connection String

a5_cvt_to_alias_physical Function

Converts a CRLF delimited list of table names into format: alias|physical_filename. For internal use.

a5_display_tableset_info Function

Displays information about the table or set.


Displays the Duplicate Table dialog box.


Launches the Table Restructure Editor

a5_find_mismatchedfields Function

Finds mismatched fields in a table

A5_FixDBFFieldNames Function

Fixes fieldnames in a .dbf table. Field names can be invalid in externally created .dbf files.

A5_ForceCloseTables Function

Forces tables in orphan sessions to close

a5_generate_Xbasic_importtotablefromfile Function

Generate Xbasic to import data to a temporary file so that it can then be appened to a .dbf table.

a5_genericTableCRUDAction Function

Updates, Reads, Inserts or Deletes data from a table (either SQL or dbf)

A5_Get_Filter Function

Prompts the user for a filter

a5_get_passive_link_tables Function

Get a list of passive link tables in the current database.

a5_get_table_ptr Function

Returns a pointer to the table for the field that has focus. If not field has focus, returns pointer to form's primary table

a5_has_serversidequery Function

Returns .t. if any incremental filters have been applied to an active-link table

a5_import_into_table Function

Imports a fixed length ascii file into an existing table. Ascii file must match the structure of the table. If ascii file has fieldnames, set skip_lines to 1

a5_insert_table_field Function

Insert a table fieldname into the code editor

a5_is_activelinktable Function

Returns .t. if a table is a Active-link table.

a5_is_crosslevel Function

Returns .t. if a filter expression contains fields from a one-many child table.

a5_is_mappedtable Function

Returns .t. if a table is a mapped table table (i.e. a 'view').

a5_is_passivelinktable Function

Returns .t. if a table is a Passive-link table.

a5_list_tables Function

Gets list of objects in a SQL database. See also a5_list_tables_with_types()

a5_load_speed_glossary Function

Loads the speed glossary from disk into memory. If no value is specified for dbfname then the global, system glossary is loaded. If dbfname is specified, then the glossary is loaded from the specified table. If dbfname is '<clear>' the speed glossary is cleared from memory.

a5_nativetablename Function

Generates the fully qualified native table name for a given portable sql table name

a5_new_table Function

Create a new Table

a5_new_table_set_genie Function

New Table/Set/Database Genie. Checks if templates are installed. If not downloads them.


The A5_PACK_DICTIONARY() function packs the data dictionary for a table, rebuilds the .DDX file if it is missing, and updates indexes in the .DDX file.

A5_PACK_TABLE Function

Packs a table, permanently removing any deleted files.

a5_passivelinktabledatasource Function

Get the DataSource definition for a Passive Link Table

a5_prompt_for_tablename Function

Prompt for a table name. Filter can be blank (all table tables), or a comma delimited list: Native,Passive,Active

a5_prompt_local_tablename Function

Prompts for the name of a new table.

a5_qb_sp_report_metadata_passivelink Function

Returns metadata if a table is a QuickBooks SP Report Passive-Link table.

a5_qrb_createpassivelink_sp_report Function

Create a passive-link table with data from a standard QuickBooks report.

a5_refreshactivelinkdialog Function

Refresh an active-link table definition. If 'tablename' is null, then prompts for list of tables to refresh.

a5_refreshpassivelinkset Function

Refreshes the data in a set that is built on one or more passive-link tables. Returns .HasError, .ErrorText and .UserCancelled

a5_ServerSide_FilterOrder_Get Function

Gets information about the server side query

a5_sizetabletofit Function

Analyzes the size of the data in a table and restructures the table so that each field is the minimum required size.

a5_table_by_example Function

Displays the Table by Example dialog box.

a5_table_delete Function

Deletes all of the files for a table: .dbf, .fpt, .cdx, .ddd, .ddm and .ddx

a5_table_editor_toolbar Function

Returns the system toolbar for Table Editor

a5_table_menu_enable Function

Determins if certain right click menu items in the control panel for a table should be enabled or disabled

a5_table_openview Function

Open a table showing a view definition. A view is a crlf delimited list of fieldnames or fieldname=<expression>

a5_table_removefiles Function

Removes all files associated with a .dbf filename.

a5_table_rename_low Function

Called from the Control Panel to rename a table.

a5_table_set_exists Function

Returns .t. if the table or set exists. If table_set_name is null, then A5 uses table or set name in Control Panel that has focus.

a5_table_set_zip_send Function

Called by the right click in the control panel when Set or Table has focus to Zip/Send.

a5_table_statistics Function

Displays the Database Information Dialog box

a5_tablearraypopulate Function

Populates a property array with a list of tables. Properties are .name, .filename, .image, .display

a5_tableedbyex_tbar Function

Table by example toolbar

a5_tableisindatabase Function

Returns .t. if the table or set filename is a member of the current database.

a5_tables_enum Function

Returns a list of table names. If table name is not unique it is fully qualified, otherwise not.

A5_TableSizeToFit_Dialog Function

Displays the SizeTableToFit dialog box

A5_WildcardSelect Function

Used to do a wildcard selection in a list or checkbox.

A5_ZAP_TABLE Function

Deletes all records from a DBF table.

a5cs_get_tables Function

Gets a list of tables and views in a Alpha DAO connection. Returns .tables, .tableswithtype, .tablewithtypesicons

a5cs_prompt_surrogatekey Function

Checks to see if a table has a primary key. If not, prompts for a surrogate primary key.

a5cs_promptfortable Function

Prompts for the name of a table from a remote database. PromptList and InitialCheck are comma delimited strings that can contain: Views,Linked Tables,System Tables,Synonyms,Aliases

a5cs_promptfortablemulti Function

Displays a dialog box allowing you to select multiple tables from a remote database.


Checks the integrity of index tags for a specified table.


Create a new table using a CR-LF delimited list of field names

DBF Function

DBF() returns the name of the current table. Specify an optional Table_Name to test a table other than the current one.

EOF Function

Returns TRUE if the record pointer is at the end of the file.

gettabledata Function

Extracts data from a native Alpha Anywhere table (.dbf file)


Returns the number of records in the current table.

recDeleted Function

Returns the number of deleted records in the current table.

RECNO Function

Returns the record number of the current record.

SearchTables Function

Allows you to search for a value in all tables.


Removes path from a table filename if table is in database. In case of set returns stripped names of all tables in the set.

TABLE and DB Functions Contrasted

Returns the name of the current table.

TABLE Function

Returns the name of the current table.

Table Menu Functions

An overview of Alpha Anywhere's table menu functions.


Opens the Table Chooser dialog.


Returns .t. if a table is empty. You can pass in the name of a table, or a pointer to an open table.


Remove an DBF table and all it's associated files.


The TABLE_RESTRUCTURE() function takes a CR-LF delimited list of field specifications in the format [=],,, and restructures a table.


Returns the average value for a field in records of a specified table.


Returns the number of matching records in a specified table.

TableFinder Function

Select a table by search for all tables that contain a specified fieldname. Wildcard searches are supported.


Returns the maximum value of matching records in a specified table.


Returns the minimum value of matching records in a specified table.


Returns the sum of fields of matching records in a specified table.

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