HTML Functions


Functions for manipulating and working with HTML data.

*html_classname_modify Function

Internal Use Only. Add prefix and suffix around classnames, if localOnly defined, only classnames in the included <style> section have the suffix and prefix applied.

*html_get_attribute Function

Get the first matching attribute from passed HTML snippet (returns empty string if none was found).

*html_parse_style Function

Internal Use Only. Parse style tags.

*html_parse_tag Function

Internal Use Only. Parse an HTML tag - format options I,P,S,D,A,T.

*html_pos_from_char Function

Internal Use Only. HTML position function - return start and end given character position.

*html_to_rtftext Function

Convert html to an RTF document (supports tables/fonts etc) - depth allows for embedded generation to nest tables correctly.

*html_validate Function

Internal Use Only. Validate HTML, returns empty string if HTML is OK, else returns errors - format can include 'E'rror and 'L'ocation.

*html_validation_level Function

Internal Use Only. Define a validation level.

a5_generate_html_table Function

Takes a pointer to an open DBF table or SQL::ResultSet and generates an HTML table for all of the columns in the row.

a5_html_color Function

Converts an A5 color name to an HTML format color name. e.g. #FF0000

a5_html_label Function

Convert any data type to html text, optional search highlighting feature.

a5_html_page_prepare Function

Generates an HTML page for the specified html. For use in the Developer environment to quickly preview HTML.

a5_html_pretty Function

Reformat HTML text to show proper indentation

a5_html_tidy Function

Indents an HTML document

a5_pdf_exporttohtml Function

Displays a dialog to export a PDF file to a HTML file.

a5_removescripttags Function

Removes <script> tags from HTML text.

a5_show_htmlchrome Function

Displays HTML content using chrome.

showVarHTML Function

Display the contents of a string that contains HTML. The HTML is formatted for readability.

suppressblanklines Function

Suppresses blank <br> or <p> lines from HTML.