Object Functions


Functions for working with objects.

*mime_object Function

Returns a mime object, recognized by layouts to set extended types for variable and calculated fields.

*parent_report_page Function

Return the first page an object & record context is found.

a5_arggetvalue Function

Get the value of an argument, prompting if necessary. Set mode to "web" if calling from WAS.

a5_arggetvalues Function

Get values for all the arguments. Set mode to "web" if calling from WAS.

a5_arggetvalues_ajax Function

Get values for all the arguments. Set mode to "web" if calling from WAS.

a5_convert_to_concise Function

Converts a list of object names (e.g. forms, reports)to concise form, showing dictionary name only in case of duplicate object names.

a5_copy_property Function

Copies the appearance properties of an object to the clipboard

a5_copyselectedprops Function

Copies selected object properties to the clipboard.

a5_cp2_activeobject Function

Returns the name of the active Object

a5_createeventsstubs Function

Creates event stubs for the .code.events property of objects

a5_dataobjectpopulate Function

Used to populate the DataObject in a Web Form

a5_dictionary_prompt Function

Prompts for the name of an object

a5_fixlayouteventnames Function

Fixes up event names in code.events when an object is renamed

a5_hotspot_define Function

Prompts for the setup of a new hotspot object.

a5_list_objects_w_events Function

List the object for a specfied layout. Object with events are bold. Format of string returned is owner draw listbox.

a5_list_properties Function

List properties for an object. Property list can be filtered. If show_type = .t., "propertyname|type". If flag_tree, then +1 and +2 symbols are included.

a5_ole_explorer Function

Displays the OLE Object Browser

a5_ole_progid_get Function

Get an OLE Create methods progid

a5_paste_all Function

Pastes the appearance properties of all objects from the clipboard

a5_pasteselectedprops Function

Pastes selected object properties from the clipboard.

a5_promptforarguments Function

Takes an argument definition string (created by a5_definearguments()) and prompt for arguments. If arguments (of type sql::arguments) is passed in, then the argument object is populated.

a5_properties_dialog Function

Called by layout editor to edit either object properties, or layout properties, depending on what has focus.

a5_selected_property_set Function

Sets the specified property for all currently selected objects on the layout, pForm.

a5_set_property_multi Function

Sets a property for all of the objects in a crlf delimited list of objects

a5_strip_object_name Function

Takes a fully qualified dictionary object name and strips out the dictionary if possible (i.e. object name is unique)

a5_substyle_select Function

Brings up a dialog to select a substyle for an object if there are any

a5enum Function

Enumerates objects of specified type for a CRLF or comma delimited list of tables and sets

a5w_cell Function

Returns data value from a DataObject.

a5w_createupdateobject Function

Creates an UpdateObject showing all objects on a form (or web form) that have changed.

a5w_field Function

Returns data value from a DataObject.

a5webform_gen_x Function

Generates the DataObject definition for the specified DataObject number

card_spawn_object Function

Launch a hardcard and return a pointer to the hardcard object.


CURRENT_OBJECT() returns the full Object_Name (including window) of the object that currently has focus.

form_objects_get Function

Returns object hierarchy for a form.

is_dict_required Function

Returns .t. if it is necessary to fully qualify an Object name with its dictionary in order to uniquely identify it. Is .t. if Database contains duplicate object names stored in different dictionaries.

IS_OBJECT Function

IS_OBJECT() returns .T. if Object_Pointer or Object_Address references a valid object. If you use IS_OBJECT() on a pointer variable without a value, the function will return FALSE (.F.).

library_binary_get Function

Return library object content as binary data.

library_object_exists Function

Return True if the library object exists.

library_text_get Function

Return library object content as text.

mrec_eof Function

Returns true if object is at end of the group.

OBJ Function

OBJ() returns an pointer to the object specified by Object_Address.


Expand an object name (in the current database) from <object name> to <object name>@<data dictionary>


Expand an object name (in an external data dictionary) from <object name> to <object name>@<data dictionary>


Normalize an object name.

ole_external_methods Function

Get external Ole functions based on passed in class.