XML Functions


Functions for working with XML data.

*property_from_xml Function

Read property from XML, if reversible flag is set, the XML we generate will match (adds levels to handle scaling tags - i.e. adding runs of tags and mapping names).

*property_to_xml Function

Save property to XML.

*xml_document Function

Return xml document for text.

*xml_peek_attribute Function

Peeks at an attribute in top xml element.

a5_propgridxml_clear Function

Clears cached PropGrid XML definitions

a5_propgridxml_get Function

Gets the XML for a PropGrid from the PropGrid string.

a5_xmlarguments_decode Function

Takes an encoded XML Arguments string (created with a5_XMLArguments_encode()) and decodes it.

a5_xmlarguments_encode Function

Takes the SQL::Argument object's XML property and encodes it for inclusion in an HTML document

showxml Function

Show an XML document and parse into an Xbasic dot variable.

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